She’s alive! Fired up instantly after setting the timing. Clutch bled and coolant added. Will see tomorrow if theres any leaks 🙈 had a little spare time too and got the sump gaurd on there. Onto the rear suspension next ☺

Headgasket and head are on! Only thing left is the carb. Had a problem with the inlet manifold not clearing the exhaust so it needs a little work. Learning some new skills today too. setting up points, rocker arm and spark plugs gaps should come in handy on the rally 🙂

Engine mounted and fully wired in, brand new polybush steadys and engine mounts, some nice braided and silicone hose replacements and new ground. Hubs, exhaust and gear linkages connect back up.. Just need the head on and she may be running in the next day or two 😁

Out with the old and in with the equally as old.

As per rally rules engines of 1200cc + are banned. Our old engine is a 1275, which to be honest didn’t have a great deal of life in it. I’ve sourced a 998cc motor to replace it with which is perfectly inadequate for the journey ahead! Stick around as we swap this out and fix the rest of the car while we are at it!
Once mechanics are sorted the fun mods begin.

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